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Best offense heroes | Overwatch: Boost yourself to the Diamond

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All overwatch offensive heroes are well designed and could fit almost every team composition. But besides team composition, Overwatch has another decieving factor – map design. So you need to pick such heroes that have a much bigger impact on the battle than anyone else.

In SoloQ you could not say if someone would pick any support hero (especially on low elo), so you need a hero that possess incredible mobility and self-sustain abilities. Think beyond your team composition! If you struggling to break enemy lines, then your choice must be Reaper or Tracer, to make a breach in the enemy’s ranks. In a map with wide open spaces, Pharah will be a great choice, due to her impressive mobility and devastating rockets. You must be flexible with your Hero pool, so master at least 5 of them.

 Season 13 | Best Overwatch offensive heroes

To help you with a pick, I created this short list, that highlighted the most effective DPS overwatch heroes that could be useful in any situation. Right now, in Overwatch Season 13, you could see a lot of Doomfist, McCree, Pharah, and Genji. These are heroes that used by most of the Overwatch boosters, and that must mean something!

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DPS hero ranking: Overwatch Season 13:

  1. Doomfist
  2. Genji
  3. McCree
  4. Tracer
  5. Pharah
  6. Soldier 76
  7. Reaper
  8. Sombra
  9. Symmetra

These are the best heroes of Overwatch right now, but let me say a few words about them all.



Symmetra is a niche pick that greatly works but only on special maps. She is almost useless on open wide maps, but in a close range, she, and her sentry ward could destroy even the toughest ones.


The worst enemy of the Widowmaker. But Widow is not in the meta right now, and all other heroes are love to gather up under Reinhardt’s barrier. Of course, you could always try to hack Reinhardt, but Sombra is too vulnerable right now, even considering her constant invisibility.


Reaper is a tank killer, but now he must roam around the map, and that is not fit into his primary role. His shotguns deal a ton of damage when he is in a close range, but his mobility should be greatly enhanced to bring him to the top.

Soldier 76

Soldier 76 was not changed a lot from the very vanilla. and still is a nice pick, if all you want to do is run-and-gun. That marine with self-healing ability provides enough damage and his impact on the game is quite leet.


Tracer is tricky to play hero, but professionals on this character could bring such chaos in the ranks of enemies. Her burst damage is now incredibly strong, and if you learned how to place her ultimate in the right way, then you will easily delete any tanks.

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Justice rain from above! Her brand new rockets are the best buff Pharah ever received in a long time. Now the speed of rockets is amazing, allowing you to hit every target you aiming at. If you know the map, you could use her blast to insta-kill even the fattest of the enemies, like Roadhog and Reinhardt.


McCree is a nice pick to quickly destroy flankers, but he struggles with fighting against shield barriers. But if you will be able to find the right angle, then you could delete support in a few rounds.


If you know how to Genji, then you could turn the game in a few seconds. But you must spend a lot of hours by practicing him in Quick Matches. Master the way of the ninja and you will be such strength that enemies must deal with.


Here is our King – Doomfist. He could easily one-shot almost every enemy in Overwatch, but, as Genji, you need to master this character to perform at your best. His incredible mobility prevents you from receiving damage, and Ultimate will leave enemies far beyond the contesting point, leaving a precious second for your team to contest.

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