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Brigitte | New hero in Overwatch

Overwatch Brigitte

Recently Blizzard Announced a new Support Hero in Overwatch, This time it is young Swedish girl – Brigitte Lindholm. She is a Torbjorn’s daughter and has a strong bond with Reinhardt Wilhelm.

Brigitte Abilities | Overwatch

All her abilities are aimed at supporting the allied team by healing them and providing useful buffs. She is armed with a melee weapon, that has a 6 meters range and deals 35 damage per hit.

Brigitte support overwatch



Brigitte runs with increased speed and gives an armor to anyone who stays near her.

Rocket Flail


Standard melee attack that deals damage in the close range.

Repair Pack


Brigitte, as her father Torbjorn, drop a repair kit that heals anyone who picks it up, If an ally has full hp, then he receives a shield barrier.

Whip Shot


Brigitte attacks with her whip all enemies in front of her, dealing damage and knocking them off.

Barrier Shield


Brigitte cover herself with a shield that could absorb a decent amount of damage.

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