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EG and ViCi in the top 8 of The Chongqing Major

Dota 2

With top bracket rivalry in The Chongqing Major narrowed into one game remaining, the reduced bracket groups needed a ton of games to get through to be able to grab.

EG and ViCI dropped out

The first game of the afternoon saw Vici Gaming move up against Chaos Esports Club at a series filled with fast-paced gameplay. Despite the two teams playing with such a quick pace, and usually becoming more concentrated on creating offensive moves, just one of those matches was shut on both ends.

Game one was a struggle from the mid-lane while Vici controlled the remainder of the map. Things went south immediately from the minute laning started, with Vici quickly pushing either side and cornering Chaos. GGs arrived in 26 minutes later Chaos had a couple of players picked off in an integral moment.

Underneath 1-0, it might have been simple for Chaos to fold. Rather, they fought back to the show by taking a close win using a 21-17 advantage.

Outside of a little explosion close to the last moments, Vici pushed Chaos entirely from contention. Having an all-purpose offensive, Vici took the win at just a little under 30 minutes to move into high eight of this occasion.

EG the chongqing major

Immediately after Vici’s offensive triumph, Evil Geniuses, yet another renowned offensive powerhouse, stepped to the arena to combat Thunder Predator.

Together with the ups and downs of the competitive style of play apparently steadying out during the movie, EG appeared a bit slow to begin. TP was able to win the majority of the struggles early on, however, they neglected to maintain EG from farming on the side.

This came back to bite them at the back of this match, providing EG the tools required to pull off the win. Things did not slow down to EG then –they dove into another game playing with a slightly different lineup to expansive outcomes.

Evil Geniuses still have a chance

EG maintained TP in their heels during the laning point, executing their strikes to perfection against the opponent that has been reeling. EG finished the 2-0 sweep and hauled TP from the very first Important tied with three other groups in the 9th to 12th place.

Matches resume Jan. 25 at 10pm CT as Vici and EG confront in round four.

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