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Junkrat and Mei Review

Junkrat Overwatch

Fire and Ice defence

Fire and Ice defence Overwatch

And hello again. Today we will look at some non standart heroes, these fellows are: Junkrat and Mei.

Play as Junkrat is very easily, because all you want to do – is to repeatedly fire your grenades, in hope that someone will find his fate.

Mei is a such pain in the arse, if she get close to you. She will freeze you, and then shoot an icicle in your face. To kill her you need to deal a good burst damage, becouse she can just wrap herself with a icy cocoon, and heal after some time.


Junkrat Overwatch

Strong against: Bastion, Mei,  Roadhog, Reinhardt, Torbjorn

Weak Against: Pharah, Soldier 76, Widowmaker

An analogue of the TF2 Demoman, Junkrat will guarantirely spam his grenades one by one , standing in a secluded place. where enemies even do not see him. A powerful grenades! In narrow streets it is reasonable to set a trap and a mine in one place, to detonate immediately after enemies fall into the trap . Use your ultimate, and try bypass the enemies by taking it on the walls because if they see it they probably destroy it.


Mei Overwatch

Strong against: Genji, Tracer, DiVa, Winston, Bastion, Roadhog

Weak Against: Reaper, Junkrat, Pharah, Zarya

Mei’s Icy beam instantly slows enemies, allowing her to do from Tracer, Genji and Lucio leisurely target for the whole team. The combination of “freezing – an icicle in his head – a control punch” would deal with almost all non-tanks, and high accuracy allow Mei’s icicles successfully confront and snipers, and stationary Bastion. Wall can save the team from the high damage of Bastion or Roadhog, as well as to cut off the opponents retreat. Tighten healer in the corner and kill by yourself? Piece of cake.

Also Mei excellently block points and protected it: she can instantly wrap herself up in a piece of ice and restore a chunk of health, and then make a wall to retreat from the enemies.

What about Ultimate ability? do not hesitate to use it ,even if you catch only two opponents – it will be worth it.


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  3. Yamakadzi

    Wow, that mei looks awesome!

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