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Last Bastion, Overwatch World Championship

Bastion overwatch

Last Bastion, Overwatch World Championship

Last Bastion

Bastion overwatch


Next Thursday, August 18, will be released a new short film Overwatch – Last” Bastion “

In this film Blizzard will tell us a story of the origin of this curious robot. We reveal what happened to the old battle-type mechanism “Bastion”. Why he rested past ten years in the wild, untoched corner of the world?

Fascinated by local beauty curious Omnic went to explore them. But it turns out that his combat program is still running

The premiere will take place at the GamesCon 2016! The live broadcast can be seen on the Blizzard website or on the main stage of the exhibition itself.

Overwatch World Championship

Overwatch Championship


Overwatch World Championship – International tournament in which teams from different countries will fight for the world-wide fame. Everything starts with the fact that members of local communities will vote for players who will have to represent their country. After that, the teams will fight in the demonstration online-match, and then – on the stage of Blizzcon 2016!

The first championship will take place next month. Whether you want: to fight for prizes or support your team – we need heroes like you! Now we’ll show you how you can help.


Overwatch Championship grid
In the near future, players who have proven themselves in the gaming community of Overwatch, will get a chance to represent their country or region on the international stage. We nominating several representatives from each country (including professional players, famous streamers and local players to conquer the summit of competitive games).

Shortly after this, from August 11, 2016 gaming community will vote for candidates nominated from each country. The composition of the team will be determined by a vote. To facilitate the selection, you will be informed of the rank and favorite characters listed players. You will be able to take part in the vote, if you have an active account Overwatch. In addition, please note that you will be able to cast a vote only for the country or region where your Battle.net account was registered.


The winners of the regional vote will meet in the qualifying matches with other teams, assembled in the same way. Competitions will be held in the format of Best of three victories, while the losers will be eliminated after the first defeat in the match. Online competitions will begin in September. Then, at Blizzcon Show in November, the remaining sixteen teams will compete in the group stage round robin, and the finalists will need to defeat opponents in the final match.

We want to make sure that at Blizzcon will be represented all regions, and therefore the distribution of forces in the tournament will be as follows: six teams will represent Europe, six – the Asia-Pacific region, and fourNorth and South America. Below you will find a list of all the countries and regions that are allowed to participate in the competition:

Due to many factors, among them – the location of the servers, the regional infrastructure, quality of Internet connection and other geographical features, some countries will automatically participate in the tournament at Blizzcon: USA, CANADA, BRAZIL, CHINA, SOUTH KOREA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND

More information about Overwatch championship will come soon at official web-site, so stay tuned. Support competitive spirit of Overwatch communities around the world!


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