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Overwatch’s new hero – Doomfist

3 faces of Doomfist

In this article i’ll say about all information that we know about Doomfist, new hero of the MMOFPS game Overwatch. So let’s begin from the basic info:

Doomfist – title that goes to the hero, who earn a magic glove, that give glorious powers. As Chris Metzen said, Doomfist is a faceless hero, and anyone can be him like Flash or Green Lantern.

History of Doomfist in Overwatch

widowmaker doomfist

All we know about Doomfist, that he have incredible power, with which he can destroy whole house, and that he was defeated by Winston.

We know about 2 peoples that have that glove named doomfist. One of them was named as The Savior, second was The Scourge but we do not have any information about which of them was defeated by Winston.

doomfist numbani

Doomfist is a very important part of the Overwatch’s world history. A whole museum is dedicated to this artifact! Doomfist is a very powerfull relic, which power can be used to terrorize peoples, and agents of the TalonWidowmaker and Reaper try to steal it from the Overwatch Museum, but Tracer interrupt them in the preview video of Overwatch. Interesting fact that one of the kids use Doomfist glove to beat Widowmaker. He knocked her out with a power that glove give’s to him, but glove shut down after a single hit, look’s like that not anyone can use Doomfist.

Doomfist arm

At this moment Doomfist glove is in the Numbani – in game players of attacking team must deliver it to the national museum, where in the Unity Day people of the Numbani worship Doomfist as a Hero. Inside the museum, we can see 3 pictures of Doomfist: The Savior, The Scourge and The Successor, and 3rd picture do not show anyone, only a silhouette in the shadow.

Facts about Doomfist

  • Doomfist name was given by the Chris Metzen.
  • Doomfist appear in the first video of the game. At that moment developers had no ideas about Numbani map, or some hero, this was just a powerfull glove.
  • Developer discussed an opportunity to add Doomfist as a playable hero. When this hero will be released, we will know about history of all previous Doomfists.
  • In november of 2016 actor Terry Crews officially reported that he would like to give his voice to this Hero – Doomfist, and then someone notice him at the Blizzard’s office.

Terry Crews doomfist

  • 9 february 2017 in PTR files was found new model of cargo from the Numbani map. In this model glass was broken, but the Glove was still at the place. Moreover in PTR files was founded new musical theme, that was used in first Overwatch video, when they introduced Doomfist to us.

Updated info about Doomfist


Recently Blizzard tell to us some new information, where they said that “[the 24th hero] is not who you think it is.”. Does that mean that 24 hero will be not Doomfist, but someone else? Or that New Doomfist would be a some unique hero not as we all expected? Who knows! Only time will show an answers to our questions.


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