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Overwatch: Legendary “Uprising” tips

Overwatch Uprising

After reading this article you will easily win this PvE event called “Uprising” at the Legendary difficulty. Lore of this event, enemy classification, basic tips, and tips for Tracer, Torbjorn, Reinhardt, and Mercy.

Uprising Lore

Omic dog

We will travel seven years in the past when the group of Omnics-terrorists takes hostages in one of the London’s districts – Kings Row. Overwatch Squad – Tracer, Torbjorn, Reinhardt, and Mercy must destroy them and free the hostages. In order to achieve their objectives, they will have to hack three terminals that control anti-aircraft guns, accompany the cargo to the gates of the factory and clear it from all the aggressive robots there.

Types of Enemies in Uprising

Uprising omnic

Assaulters – Casual humanoid type omnics. They having a weak long range attack, and are dangerous only in big groups. Weak point – head. The die from 1 clip of Tracers impulse pistols.

Lancets – Mini hound-like omnics, they always targeting the cargo. Easily destroyable by an alternative fire of Torbjorn and by Reinhardt’s Hammer.

Liquidators – Dangerous omnics with powerful long range attacks and shield barriers. Weak point – power core at their back, and head when the barrier is down. Easily destroyable by Reinhardt’s charge, or with Tracer.

Detonators – Huge bombs, that will explode after a few seconds after they reach the cargo. To prevent the explosive you should hide cargo behind the Reinhardt’s barrier or charge it away, when it end it’s preparations to explode.

Turret-type Bastions – Dangerous omincs with powerful long range attacks. As usual Bastion, they have a power core at their back and can be easily destroyed by flanking Tracer. Use impulse bomb or Hammer down ultimates to overwhelm them.

Tank-type Bastions – a Really great threat to all your teammates. Try to use all your ultimates to quickly destroy them.

OR-14 – Slow omnics, that can place a shield barriers and use gravy charge, that pull up and slows down players. Weak point – head.


Use Tracer’s blink to flank Liquidators and quickly destroy their power barriers with a burst fire in the power core. Also, these barriers can be destroyed with Reinhardt’s charge.

Do not start new phase until Torbjorn collect all metal scraps to create armor kits for the team.

Omnics can be attacked while they get out of their capsules and enabling combat mode. Even Mercy should use her pistol to damage them in this time.

While you resurrecting your allies, try to hide under the power barrier. Torbjorn can easily resurrect anybody if he pushes his ultimate button. He will receive a ton of armor and omnics just do not have enough time to kill him.

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