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Roadhog and Winston review

Roadhog and Winston

Best defense is a good offense

Roadhog and Winston

Welcome my dear readers, today we will look at some tanks, that are very good at attacking. Our heroes are Roadhog and Winston. Those 2 heroes prefer aggresive gameplay and their main goal – kill all weak characters.

For example, Roadhog can easily kill some annoying heroes like Genji, Tracer, McCree. All he need is to hit them with his hook, and then he 1-shot almost every non tank hero.

Winston need to rush into the enemy, then find all weak part of chains, and then crush them with his tesla gun.

Lets take a closer look at each of these hero.




Strong against: Pharrah, Traces, Genji, McCree, D.Va, Winston, Bastion.

Weak against: Handzo, Torbjorn, Junkrat, Zarya.

Roadhog is powerful, tenacious and self-sufficient: he able to heal himself for 300 HP,  per second(half of his health pool). Of all the tanks he had the most unlimited damage: a combination of “pull hook – shot at point-blank – control strike” instantly kill most enemies. That hook – most importantly the ability to Roadhog: it not only pulls enemies to their death, but also interrupt any animations, including Ultimate abilities.

Moreover, He can hook Pharrah from the air, and Bastion of the turret form, transforming him instantly into insignificance. Unfortunately, all the shields reflect hook, and he does not act on the Torbjorns turret.

Roadhogs shotgun deal great damage, but has a very large spread, which makes it very effective against large targets like Diva and Winston. Alternative fire allows pigs with reasonable efficiency to deal with the targets located at some distance – most importantly, do not use it in close encounters.

Finally, “Ult” of Roadhog really good throws enemies back, so use it or in front of pits, or making sure that the enemies has a wall on which you will smear them.





Strong against: Symmetra, Genji, Tracer, Snipers, Torbjorn.

Weak against: Bastion, McCree, Reaper, Mei, Reinhardt, Roadhog.

Winston – one of the easiest-to-learn characters, because it is not necessary to aim at all. This makes him strong against moving characters: Tesla Cannon aim itself. Winston is very mobile: in one leap, he is able to jump up to a sniper position, and to Torbjorn with his gun, and then quickly putting a shield, cut this short man with his turret in a seconds. Symmetras Sentries will not live long, if enemy team has Winston, he will deal with them in a second.

Winstons Ultimate heals him, rise his HP pool to 1000, so use it in critical moments. While his ultimate, Winstone gain an ability to knock back all enemies with his attacks, also his leap ability has very low cooldown. So just aim at the nearest pit, and potg is yours.

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