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Soldier 76 and Tracer review

Tracer aka Lena Oxton

Overwatch: Iconic Heroes

Hello again, today we will look at iconic Overwatch Heroes Soldier 76 and Tracer aka Lena Oxton. These heroes are loved by public, because they are quite easy and deal great damage to the enemies.

  • Soldier 76 is public favorit due to his Ultimate, that gives you legal auto aim. Also he can sprint right into the battlefield and heal injured allies.
  • Tracer was the First hero that was announced by Blizzard, and she bought a hearts of millions viewers all over the world

Soldier 76

Soldier 76

Strong against: Pharah, Tracer, Junkrat

Weak Against: Reinhardt, Bastion

Soldier 76 is so easy to learn that training mode use him as default Hero! Thanks to his high accuracy with short burst attacks he feels great at long range and he able to deal effectively with the characters, whose survival depends on agility. Do not forget to set the option to display your teammates health lines: Soldier 76 have pretty good healing ability, and you must use this on cd.


Tracer aka Lena Oxton

Strong against: Bastion, Reinhardt, Torbjorn, Zarya, All kind of Snipers

Weak Against: McCree, Soldier 76, Mei, Roadhog, Winston

Tracer is not as jumpy as Genji, but in horizontal mobility she has no equal at all. In addition to teleport to short distances she has the opportunity to unwind time back to the point where she was a few seconds ago, and with the same health. This makes her a very hard target, because she can just unwind time to the moment when she has full hp. Best chance to remaining characters to kill her – do not give her time to unwind, for example, stun her.

The easiest and safest way to use her Ultimate: teleport right to the enemy at close range, hang a bomb on to him and go back in time. But beware Bomb can kill you too aswell.

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