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Symmetra and Sombra review


Symmetra’s Teleport against Invisible Sombra

And todays heroes are 2 womans, one is great at defend, and other can pass in front of you, and you even can not see her. Our guests are Symmetra and Sombra.

Right now Symmetra is living through some changes in her live and very soon her abilities will be changes, but until that moment i will write about her “current” state. So she is just a support that have some unique skills, but not useable at any map.

And new Sombra that was waited for so long! Some clever players find many tips about that hacker in the in-game story and predict her appearance long time ago. And what she can do? Let’s look at them more closely.



Weak against: Snipers, Roadhog, Reinhardt, Zarya.

Strong against: Tracer, Genji, Sombra, Lucio.

And there is our belowed architector. Let’s jump right to her attack, with the LMB you shoot a beat that autofollow enemy and the longer you fire, the higher is damage, and that why we are so perfect against extra mobile heroes like Genji, Tracer and Lucio. We just shoot them at close range wothout aim and they die, easy right?

Her first ability covers allieis with a small (25 health point) shield, that longs until their death. Yeah this is kinda small shield, but even this can be enough.

And why we all hate Symmetra? Because of the sentry turrets. That annoying little bastards will shoot you at first sign, and also they slows you down. Symmetra can place 6 of such little devils. Of course they are easy destroyable and such heroes as Winston, Pharah and etc juset eat those turrets for lunch.

And Ultimate – ourĀ main advantage and our curse. This is a super useful ability on point defense maps and extremely unuseful on any other, also when our teleport stay we just can not charge our next ultimate, so if you have 1 stack of this miracle, just go suicide and waste it to start charging anew.





Oh that Sombra, she is just like tracer, only stronger! No i do not say that Tracer is a weak hero, in right hands she can break through enemy defense. But Sombra can do it too, and no one will not see her. She is armed with a sub machine gun that deal good damage at short distance and hacking tool. On her alternative attack you can hack any enemy that close enough. When enemy hacked he can not use any of his skills, except auto attacks (and Soldier’s sprint(really, how do you think Sombra can hack sprint?)).

Also she have a small beacon that can not be destroyed by enemy, and which she can use as a teleport beacon. So just throw it somewhere in safe place and return in dangerous situation.

But her main advantage is a invisibility. Ant this is COMPLETE invisibility. You just can not detect her. Of course if you randomly attack her he became visable again, but this is really hard.

And her ultimate – Hacking all around and destroy enemies shields and barriers. Sound OP, and that is OP.

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