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Torbjorn and Widowmaker review


Ultimate defenders

Hello and Welcome to another review of the Overwatch Heroes. Today we will look at some of the best defensive heroes, that also can be used in attack if you play them properly. Who are those heroes? It’s Torbjorn and Widowmaker.



Strong against: McCree, Roadhog, Genji

Weak Against: Reaper, Tracer, all kind of Snipers, Junkrat, Winston, Reinhardt

This little engineer with turrets will be extremely useful in the almost all maps where you have to defend some points. And in attack, he is not bad: just put a turret on the machine, cover it with a shield of Reinhardt, and it will go ahead and shoot at all enemies. Each killed enemy brings to Torbjörn a metal scraps that he turns in armor – so do not sit continuously in cover, go ahead and buff your team with shields! Also note that the Ultimate ability of Torbjorn turns his turret from level 2 to level 3 – in other words, always activate this only if you have a level 2 turret, or your ultimate will be useless. Your Ultimate also buff yourself, you gaining additional armor, attack speed, and repear speed, so you can kill enemies by yourself or just sit in the cover and continuously repear your little killing machine. It is best to wait until your cannon will see enemies, and if they start to break it, use your “Ult” immediately, that will raise her health to incredible 800 HP, and the Torbjörn will start to cause incredible damage from his shotgun, it’s time to go on the offensive.




Strong against: Hanzo, Pharah, McCree, Bastion, Junkrat, Zarya.

Weak Against: Genji, Tracer, Reaper, Winston, DiVa.

Widowmaker is a Classic sniper that sit in the bushes, or rooftops and aimed at the enemies from the safe distance. Also she have an Hook ability, that allows her to quickly jump at far places, or to run from enemies that get too close to you. The enemies get too close? Hook will allow instantly fly into a new shelter. Do not forget to place in secluded places poisonous mines (preferably not next to each other). Infravision is used when the majority of your team alive: you, and all your allies, will be able to see all opponents even through walls. But you can use her even in attack maps easily, just try to focus on support players like Lucio, Mercy, Zenyatta or any other healers, weak opponents. If you able to kill one of the core support players this will give a huge advantage to your team.

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