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Toxicity slows the game | Overwatch

overwatch toxicity problem

Why is Overwatch developing so slowly?

Do not you like that Overwatch is not developing as fast as you would like? Well, Blizzard Entertainment explained who to blame for this.

In a recent video report, project manager Jeff Kaplan honestly admitted that the team would gladly create a new content, draw animated shorts and add new features and maps. But she simply has no time, because they have to deal with all sorts of hooligans.

hanzo toxic

According to the developer, the creators of Overwatch spend a “huge” amount of time and resources to punish rude people and try to get people to behave politely. After all, the same specialists have to solve the problems of discipline, and the further development of the game process. So the worse you behave in the online shooter, the slower the progress, the fewer updates you get.

With all this, Kaplan emphasizes that it is still necessary to report the inappropriate behavior of other players. Like, if it were not for your complaints, 340,000 out of 480,000 “punished” accounts would not have been subject to a disciplinary penalty.

In general, Blizzard does not intend to create separate zones where only toxic users could play in Overwatch. Developers simply do not want to see such comrades on their servers. Therefore, be kinder, and all will be well!

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