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Zarya and Lucio review

Lucio Overwatch

Hello my dear reader, today we will look at Russian robo hater girl named Zarya, and Brazilian dj Lucio. These 2 characters both use shields to protect their allies, and can be a real pain in the ass. Just look at them closely:

Zarya – Russians in Overwatch

Zarya Overwatch



Strong against: Roadhog, Mei, McCree, Genji

Weak against: Tracer, Bastion, all kind of Snipers

Zarya is a hero that is incredibly hard to master. You need to find perfect time to use your shield on you or your allies. This shield absorbs 200 damage and also make you unstopable, that means that Roadhog can not hook you, or Mei can not freeze you, even with her ultimate. So if you see that Mei using her ult, then just cover youself and one of your teammates with shield and run away.

Her shield also charge the power of her canon – Mstitel (Avenger). More damage absorbed by shield – more damage you will deal with your attacks. With your attack you release beam that slice your enemies, and your alternative attack release a power ball that blew up on impact and knock out enemies.

Her ultimate – Graviton gun, you fire at any spot some kind of power ball, that starts to pull everything in wide radius toward his core. It is perfect to use this ultimate with some other like Hanzo’s Dragons, or Reaper’s Death Blossom and etc. Also you can use your ultimate just by yourself, just be sure that power of your canon is close to 100, then just fire ultimate at enemies, and blew them up with your alternative attack.


Lucio – Drop the beat

Lucio Overwatch



Strong against: all on map with cliff’s

Weak against: all on map without cliff’s

Lucio is a mobile healer that can boost movement speed of allies. His passive ability – music, he can change the beats of music and with it buff change too.

He can heal allies or increase their movement speed. His active ability – shortly increase bonus of his passive music. Use healing boost when you are attacked by enemies, and speed boost when you need to get on point as fast as you can.

His main power – his ability to push enemies far far away with his alternative attack. Use your advantage in speed to knock down as many enemies as you can. Never forget about your ability to ride on walls, that will save your life not just once.

Ultimate of Lucio that is what make him a core of every professional team. He jump up a little bit, and then drop his Bass cannon to the ground, providing giant shield on all allies in wide radius. But these shields are fading away quickly so use your ultimate with caution.

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