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Zenyatta and Mercy Review

Zenyatta overwatch

Healing and Harm – Zenyatta and Mercy

Today we will look at supports that have the hightest pick rate. Zenyatta due to his ability to debuff enemies and his ultimate that will heal any damage that inflicted. And Mercy, that flying angel that will heal your allies and buff their attack power, and when it seem to be lost, she will just resurrect all. So let’s look closer at each of them and theirs pros and cons.

Zenyatta review

Zenyatta overwatch

The most militant of the healers, Zenyatta able to cause significant damage and accurate at long range, but virtually helpless at close range. To heal he need to keep the “patient” in the field of view of its scope or effect will disappear after three seconds after a friend or foe, on which they hang, if they hiding around the corner.

The orb of the destruction on the enemy increases all damage taken by 30% – is a powerful debuff, which you have to use at every opportunity.

Absolute ability of Zenyatta – mass healing that could save your team in a very unpredictable situation, or give those same few seconds of life, who will decide the outcome of the match, in addition, Zenyatta became invulnerable for the duration of the ability and his movespeed is increased dramarically.


Mercy review

Mercy Overwatch

As a medic in the TF2, Mercy tied to their patients by the beam, making from her the number one target for enemy attacks. But at the same time she is the most capable healer! In order for to survive, you need to quickly use the ability “Guardian Angel”, instantly moving to the selected target. It also allows you to fly up to the souls of the dead teammates to revive them with your “Ultimate”.

Remember: that the healing causes her “Ultimate” accumulate much faster, but do not activate it for revival of 1 member of team, if one of your dead, it is better to wait a second or two to make sure that no one will go over to the other world. Also it is necessary to closely monitor the indicator of the number of dead companions in the center of the screen: the radius of the “ultimates” not so big, and it will be a shame if you did not raise her companion, lying at a distance.

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